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Dear fashion lovers! 

GotDamnPretty is now open for the guest blogging and editorials.

We are a high quality site with top domain name, established first in US as a luxury goods diary and now become an international hub, primary for fashion industry insights. We are interested in the high-quality articles on Fashion and Beauty related topics.

To be a regular contributor, you must be willing to commit to at least one quality article  (300 words) and original images. If you have a page on a Facebook or Instagram this would be ideal. Only interested in articles that are genuinely interesting, personal and written in perfect English.

What we’re looking for
Here are some things we look for in the content we publish: 

  • High-quality writing with original concepts.

  • Original content, not published anywhere else. 

  • Content that reflects the writing style and tone of IFB. 

  • Content should be minimum 1500 words

  • Tone should be casual but knowledgeable

  • Well-considered explorations of current trends and cutting-edge topics in the fashion and blogging industries.

  • Written in English. 

After submitting your Blog idea we will pay up to 5-100$ for you Guest Post.

So lets get startet and submit your Artikel for review. 

How to submit

If you need some inspiration from our content calendar, email us with the Subject line: “Guest posting” and we can get the conversation going. 
If you don’t need any inspiration and already have a great idea you have scribbled out, email us your article in a Google document. Make sure that the document has proper sharing permissions, so our editor can access and provide feedback.

Open Book


Thanks for your interest in GotDamnPretty. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

Thanks for submitting!

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