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A Stylish Affair: Exploring the Salons of Togo

A Place of Celebration, a Place of Love: Inside the Salons of Togo

The Salons of Togo: A Place of Community and Support

The salons of Togo hold a special place in the hearts of the West African community. Beyond being a place to get your hair done, these salons serve as hubs of culture, connection, and support.

A Place for Celebration and Love

Marie-Celine Agossa, a renowned hairdresser and historian, describes the Togolese salons as more than just spaces for hairstyling. They are places where local folklore is shared, gossip is exchanged, and celebrations are embraced. It’s a place where love and joy permeate the air, creating a sense of belonging and unity among community members.

Addressing Mental Health in the Salons

Recently, the Bluemind Foundation launched the Heal by Hair program, training Togolese hairstylists to provide psychological support to clients facing mental health challenges. This initiative has transformed the salons into safe spaces where individuals can seek counseling and guidance, breaking the stigma surrounding mental health in the community.

Changing Lives Through Training

For hairstylist Da Silveira Têlè Akouavi, the training provided by the Bluemind Foundation has brought about a positive shift in her approach towards clients. Rather than simply directing them elsewhere for help, she now offers understanding and support, catalyzing meaningful changes in their lives.

Empowering Women in Togo

Women play a crucial role in the Togolese community, with many actively involved in the Bluemind Foundation’s efforts or working in the medical field. Ornella Priscilla Hundeglah emphasizes the importance of holistic approaches to mental health that create inclusive environments where women feel empowered to speak openly about their struggles.

Creating Art and Advocacy

Photographer Delali Ayivi captures the essence of the salon experience, highlighting the conversations around mental health and the shared experiences of community members. Inspired by the legendary braider Patron Aime, the intricate braided hats symbolize the thoughts and emotions swirling within salon visitors.

Meet the Faces of Togo

From hairstylists to medical professionals, each individual featured in this portfolio contributes to the rich tapestry of Togolese culture and resilience. Through their stories and work, they inspire positive change and foster a sense of unity within the community.

As the saying goes, “We’re a small country, but it’s our braids that talk,” echoing the profound impact of the Togolese salon culture on community connections and mental health advocacy.

Behind the Scenes

Photographed by Delali Ayivi and styled by a talented team, the visuals accompanying this narrative capture the spirit and essence of the Togolese salon experience.

Featured Contributors

  1. Marie-Celine Agossa

  2. Da Silveira Têlè Akouavi

  3. Ornella Priscilla Hundeglah

  4. Delali Ayivi

  5. Patron Aime

Together, these individuals represent the resilience, creativity, and compassion that define the salons of Togo as places of celebration and love.

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