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Ali Wong Stuns in 3-D Gown at the 2024 SAG Awards: A Fashion Moment to Remember!

Ali Wong Is Taking Up All the Space in This 3-D Gown at the 2024 SAG Awards

Ali Wong Is Taking Up All the Space in This 3-D Gown at the 2024 SAG Awards


“I’m listening, but I’m also gagging,” Laverne Cox told Ali Wong

During their interview on the 2024 SAG Awards red carpet on February 24, Ali Wong turned heads with her stunning outfit that even caused Laverne Cox to pause and admire.

The Gown

Ali Wong wore an Iris van Herpen couture gown that featured laser-cut diamond-shaped pieces of fabric shooting off the shoulders like sartorial fireworks. The gown was bold and attention-grabbing, making it impossible to ignore.

The Interview

Laverne Cox couldn’t help but ask Wong the tough questions about her dress, including whether she could sit down in it. Wong revealed that she stood up in the back of a sprinter van on the way to the venue, showcasing the challenges of wearing such a statement piece.

The Styling

Styled by Tara Swennen, Wong kept her glam simple with a center-parted ponytail, clear-framed glasses, Brandon Blackwood platforms, Bucherer jewelry, and minimal makeup to complement the extravagant gown.

Awards Season Wins

Ali Wong has been on a winning streak during the 2024 awards season, taking home a Golden Globe and an Emmy for her role in Beef. Her partner, Bill Hader, also nominated for a SAG Award, has been by her side throughout her success.

TBD on whether he’ll lean in for a congratulatory kiss this evening, considering the grandeur of Wong’s gown.

Overall, Ali Wong’s fashion choice at the 2024 SAG Awards proves that when it comes to red carpet style, sometimes bigger is better!

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