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Anya Taylor-Joy Stuns in Miss Sohee: A Look Inside the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Miss Sohee: Anya Taylor-Joy Shines at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Miss Sohee: Anya Taylor-Joy Shines at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party


Anya Taylor-Joy Stuns in Miss Sohee

Miss Sohee, the emerging label by the South Korean designer Sohee Park, made a splash at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party as actress Anya Taylor-Joy graced the event in a custom creation from the designer’s fall 2021 couture collection. The look featured a bodycon minidress with a sheer embroidered bustier and lavishly embellished shoulders, complemented by a cap adorned with teardrop pearls that cleverly mimicked earrings.

Unique Twist on Runway Style

While the original runway look included a bodysuit, the tailored version for Taylor-Joy allowed her to flaunt her enviable figure while exuding the necessary glamour for one of the most exclusive after-parties of the year.

Sustainable Fashion Statement

Park’s commitment to sustainability shines through as she works with deadstock and recycled fabrics to create her designs. Taylor-Joy’s choice to wear a sustainable piece at such a high-profile event is a testament to the growing importance of eco-conscious fashion in the industry.

Global Recognition for Miss Sohee

As one of the few South Korean designers showcasing in Paris, the Miss Sohee label has been steadily gaining a loyal following that continues to expand with each red-carpet appearance. Notably, last year, actress Fan Binbing wore one of Park’s creations to the Academy Awards, further solidifying the brand’s presence on the international stage.


Miss Sohee’s moment in the spotlight at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party, courtesy of Anya Taylor-Joy, underscores the label’s rising prominence in the world of high fashion. With a focus on sustainability and innovative designs, Sohee Park is poised to become a sought-after name among fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike.

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