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As Stylish as a Hunting Leopard: Unveiling the Unbelievable Tale of Mary & George, the Duke of

As Beautiful as a Hunting Leopard: The True Story of Mary & George’s Duke of Buckingham

As Beautiful as a Hunting Leopard: The True Story of Mary & George’s Duke of Buckingham


The Rise of George Villiers

English history enthusiasts are well-acquainted with the 1st Duke of Buckingham, George Villiers, whose journey from modest beginnings to becoming the trusted favorite of King James I is truly remarkable. His ascent, orchestrated by his mother Mary, was nothing short of meteoric. Despite the financial challenges Mary faced after her husband’s death, George Villiers, hailing from Leicester, managed to climb the social ladder and eventually wielded immense power in the country.

The Mary & George Limited Series

Julianne Moore and Nicholas Galitzine are currently portraying the intriguing mother-son duo in the limited series “Mary & George” on Sky. The show delves into the scandalous period of history surrounding George Villiers and his mother Mary. Their performances are captivating and have sparked discussions about the accuracy of the portrayal.

Five Fascinating Facts about George Villiers

  1. The King’s Favorite: George Villiers became King James I’s confidant and eventual favorite, replacing his predecessor Robert Carr. Their close relationship led to Villiers being bestowed with new titles, culminating in him becoming the Duke of Buckingham in 1623.

  2. A Handsome Figure: Known as “the handsomest-bodied man in all of England,” Villiers possessed charm and physical attributes that captivated the King. His graceful demeanor and pleasing conversation skills made him a standout figure in court.

  3. Virgo Traits: Born on August 28, 1592, George Villiers exhibited typical Virgo characteristics, showcasing his meticulous planning and organizational skills in navigating the complexities of the royal court.

  4. Continued Influence: Even after King James I’s death in 1625, George Villiers retained his influence under King Charles I, with the duo often engaging in political scheming and discussions about their adversaries.

  5. The Controversial End: George Villiers met a tragic end in 1628 when he was assassinated by John Felton. Despite his elaborate tomb in Westminster Abbey, Villiers was so despised by the public that his funeral had to be conducted at night to avoid protests.

The Legacy of George Villiers

George Villiers’ story is one of ambition, intrigue, and ultimately tragedy. His rapid rise to power and controversial relationships continue to fascinate historians and storytellers alike. The portrayal of Mary and George in the Sky series sheds light on this captivating period in English history.

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