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Behind the Music: Jason Mraz Dishes on Chart-Toppers, Dancing Under the Stars, and Farm Life

Jason Mraz Talks His Biggest Hits, Dancing With the Stars, and Life on the Farm

Jason Mraz Talks His Biggest Hits, Dancing With the Stars, and Life on the Farm


Life on the Farm

Jason Mraz is not only a talented singer-songwriter and former Dancing With the Stars contestant, but also a dedicated farmer. At Mraz Family Farms in San Diego, he grows avocados, passionfruit, and coffee. Mraz finds inspiration in farming, learning valuable lessons about patience and nurturing from planting trees. Despite the challenges, he values the reminder to slow down and take care of himself.

Dancing With the Stars Experience

Participating in Dancing With the Stars was a transformative experience for Mraz. It pushed him out of his comfort zone, helping him overcome fears and improve physically. Despite the grueling nature of the competition, Mraz views it as a valuable boot camp for life. He feels like a winner and appreciates the feedback from the judges.

Playing His Biggest Hits

Mraz still enjoys playing his biggest hits, finding new meaning in songs like “I’m Yours” and “I Won’t Give Up.” These songs continue to resonate with him and uplift his spirits. Even as he evolves as an artist, Mraz remains connected to the universal messages in his music.

Partnership with Planet Oat

As a coffee enthusiast, Mraz partnered with Planet Oat due to his love for coffee and oat milk. Starting his career in coffee shops, Mraz appreciates the craft of making coffee and enjoys creating latte art. His go-to coffee order is an oat milk latte, both at home and in local coffee shops.


Jason Mraz’s journey from the farm to the dance floor showcases his diverse interests and passions. Whether tending to his crops or perfecting his latte art skills, Mraz approaches each endeavor with dedication and enthusiasm. His ability to find inspiration in nature and music reflects his creative spirit and commitment to personal growth.

Interview by Lindy Segal | Images: Mike Coppola/Getty Images | Published on [Date]

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