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Behind the Scenes: A Bloody, Wildly Fun Queer Fever Dream with Love Lies Bleeding’s Director a

Love Lies Bleeding’s Director and Star on Their Bloody Queer Fever Dream

Love Lies Bleeding’s Director and Star on Their Bloody, Wildly Fun Queer Fever Dream

About the Film

In Love Lies Bleeding, the exhilaratingly propulsive romance turned bloody crime caper out on Friday, surly gym manager Lou (Kristen Stewart, in a practically tailor-made role) falls hard for Jackie (relative newcomer Katy O’Brian), a magnetic stranger passing through town on the way to pursuing her bodybuilding dream. Intoxicated by one another (and some illicit substances), their steamy relationship sets off a cascade of misadventures involving Lou’s criminal relatives (Ed Harris and Dave Franco).

It’s equal parts grimy, sweaty, and seedy and evokes a heightened version of 1989 small-town New Mexico where seemingly anything can, and indeed does, happen.

About the Filmmaker and Star

Rose Glass – Director

British filmmaker Rose Glass, known for her acclaimed 2019 feature debut, Saint Maud, brings her genre-defying style to Love Lies Bleeding. Glass shares her inspiration for the film and the challenges she faced in creating a visceral experience for the audience.

Katy O’Brian – Lead Actress

Katy O’Brian, in her first major dramatic role, delivers a star-making performance as Jackie. She discusses her personal connection to the character, the stigma against muscled women, and the challenges she has faced as a female bodybuilder in the industry.

Behind the Scenes

Story and Setting

Rose Glass explains the origins of the audacious story and why she chose to set the film in 1989. She delves into the psychology of bodybuilding and the unique challenges faced by women in the sport.

Depictions of Strong Women

Katy O’Brian and Kristen Stewart’s portrayal of complex, physically strong female characters reflects a shift in Hollywood towards more diverse and empowering roles for women. Glass and O’Brian discuss the importance of showcasing women with physical strength on screen.

Playfulness and Desire

The film’s playful and sexy depiction of desire, amidst the backdrop of violence and intrigue, challenges traditional narratives of queer cinema. Glass shares her approach to showcasing desire and intimacy in a bold and unapologetic manner.

Love Lies Bleeding is set to hit theaters on March 8, offering audiences a wild and thrilling ride through a queer fever dream unlike any other.

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