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Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of Hermès’s Leather Goods Creative Director

A Day in the Life of Hermès’s Leather Goods Creative Director

A Day in the Life of Hermès’s Leather Goods Creative Director

For many of us, working at Hermès seems like a dream job—the finest materials, the exquisite hand craftsmanship, the luxury of taking time to make something special and unique. Lucky for us, in this installment of our exclusive behind-the-scenes series, we get an insider look at the maison’s atelier in Pantin, near Paris, courtesy of Priscila Alexandre Spring, the maison’s leather goods creative director.

Behind the Scenes with Priscila Alexandre Spring

We join Alexandre Spring at her office, where she meticulously works on finessing her designs. Growing up in an environment where her family was always working with their hands, she shares how her grandmother’s teachings have influenced her approach to craftsmanship. “My grandma always taught me that the most beautiful embroidery is the reverse, as it needs to be just as beautiful as the outside,” she reflects.

The Design Process

After the design phase, we get a glimpse into the intricate process that Hermès bags go through. From initial sketches to small maquettes made from paper and special pieces constructed from salpa, a bonded leather that allows for experimentation with design elements like pocket placement and buckles.

Artisans at Work

Alexandre Spring takes us to the atelier, where skilled artisans meticulously craft bags by hand. From stitching pieces of leather together to problem-solving the attachment of metal closures, every detail is carefully considered. “We love noise at Hermès,” she mentions, referring to the tinkling sound of brass pieces against each other. “We listen to the metals to make sure we like the sound they make. These are the little details that we pay a lot of attention to.”

The Team Behind the Scenes

  1. Director: Nikki Petersen

  2. Director of Photography: Étienne Baussan

  3. Editor: Evan Allan

  4. Senior Producer: Jordin Rocchi

Production Details

  1. Gaffer: Adam Pelle

  2. Audio: David Amselem

  3. Associate Producer: Megan Sinanis

  4. Production Coordinator: Ava Kashar

With a dedicated team and a passion for craftsmanship, Priscila Alexandre Spring leads the way in creating timeless pieces that embody the essence of Hermès.

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