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Behind the Scenes: Kacey Musgraves’ Saturday Night Live Beauty Mishap Revealed!

Kacey Musgraves Had a Beauty Snafu on Saturday Night Live

Kacey Musgraves Had a Beauty Snafu on Saturday Night Live



Kacey Musgraves made her debut musical guest appearance on Saturday Night Live, but it wasn’t without a minor wardrobe malfunction. Despite this mishap, the Grammy winner handled the situation with grace and humor.

The Wardrobe Malfunction

The day after the SNL episode aired, Kacey Musgraves took to social media to address the snafu. She revealed that she had forgotten to remove a clip from her hair before going onstage for the show’s closing credits. While the mistake was subtle, it was noticeable upon closer inspection.

Explanation from Kacey

In a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), Kacey shared a photo highlighting the unintentional accessory—a white hair pin that clashed with her denim maxidress. Despite the embarrassment, Kacey humorously captioned the image, stating, “The clip. I forgot to remove the clip.”

Musical Performance on SNL

During her SNL appearance, Kacey Musgraves performed two tracks from her upcoming sixth studio album. The songs, “Deeper Well” and “Too Good to Be True,” offer a glimpse into the artist’s new musical direction. The upcoming album is said to explore themes of self-discovery, post-divorce healing, and finding solace in nature.

Album Themes

According to a press release, Kacey’s new album delves into topics such as becoming more centered, grounded, and trusting of oneself. The shift towards a more introspective and contemplative tone marks a departure from her previous work, showcasing her growth as an artist.


Despite the minor beauty mishap, Kacey Musgraves’ SNL performance showcased her talent and resilience. Fans eagerly anticipate the release of her upcoming album and are excited to see how the themes of self-discovery and personal growth will resonate in her music.

The clip. I forgot to remove the clip. 🫥 — K A C E Y (@KaceyMusgraves) March 3, 2024

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