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Benny Blanco Claps Back with Selena Gomez-Inspired Pedicure: Turning Heads After Barefoot Date Night

Benny Blanco Trolls Haters With a Selena Gomez–Inspired Pedicure After Barefoot Date Night Controversy

Benny Blanco’s Playful Pedicure

Benny Blanco is not one to shy away from having fun with his style, especially when it comes to his pedicure choices. After facing criticism for going barefoot during a date night with his girlfriend Selena Gomez, Blanco decided to embrace the haters in the most playful way possible.

The Pickle-Inspired Pedicure

Blanco recently debuted a new pedicure that seems to have been inspired by Selena Gomez herself. The intricate pickle design, hand-painted by nail artist Tahvya, features a realistic 3-D rendering of a pickle with the Best Maid logo on Blanco’s big toes. While Blanco did not explicitly mention that the design was dedicated to Gomez, he did reveal that Best Maid pickles are her favorite brand.

Fried Pickles and Love

In a sweet gesture for Valentine’s Day, Blanco made fried pickles for Gomez, captioning a TikTok video with, “Fry pickles and get laid.” This playful and intimate moment between the couple showcases their fun-loving dynamic and shared interests.

A Relationship Full of Laughter

Selena Gomez and Benny Blanco have kept their relationship relatively private, only going public with it in December despite dating since June. Their social media interactions and public appearances together have shown a level of affection and humor that fans adore.

During a recent interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Gomez shared a hilarious anecdote about Blanco inadvertently embarrassing her in front of actor Jason Segal. Despite the awkward moment, Gomez expressed how safe and respected she feels in her relationship with Blanco.

Growth and Understanding

Gomez emphasized the importance of respect and understanding in a relationship, noting how she feels safest with Blanco. Their ability to laugh at themselves and navigate the challenges of fame together has strengthened their bond and allowed for personal growth.

Ultimately, Benny Blanco’s playful pedicure choice serves as a lighthearted response to critics and a reflection of the joyful dynamic he shares with Selena Gomez.

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