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Braiding the Globe: Women’s Fashion Journey Around the World for Fashion Month

The Women Braiding Their Way Around the World for Fashion Month

The Women Braiding Their Way Around the World for Fashion Month

“It was always a gift—I knew how to braid when I was a seven-year-old,” Harlem-born hair artist Shamicka Williams tells Vogue. She’s in her hotel room in Paris between back-to-back shows, from the freestyle braids at Off-White she created with hair artist Jawara to the straightforward three-strand anime look for Loewe under the direction of Guido Palau.

Collaboration and Creativity

Williams collaborates with a team of female braiders including Tashana Miles, Kady Balde, Muriel Cole, Drea, and Aminata Kamara. They work with renowned hairstylists like Guido Palau for shows at top fashion houses like Dior, Versace, and Dolce & Gabbana. This collaboration has taken them beyond the traditional fashion capitals to destinations like Egypt, Rome, and Mexico City.

  1. Collaboration with Guido Palau

  2. Expansion of the team

  3. Creating new braided looks

Embracing Natural Hair Textures

With the fashion industry paying more attention to models’ natural hair textures, Williams and her team play a crucial role in caring for the models’ hair while creating stunning braided looks. They emphasize the importance of maintaining hair health and using heat-protecting products to prevent damage.

Client Demand and Influence

After showcasing their braided creations on the runway, Williams and Miles find that clients eagerly request these styles at their New York salon. The influence of runway fashion extends beyond the models to everyday clients, inspiring them to embrace unique braided looks.

Impact on Younger Generations

Williams’s work has not only influenced the fashion industry but also resonated with younger generations. Children getting braids at her Harlem salon are excited to sport styles created by someone who has worked with top models like Naomi Campbell. This connection to high fashion boosts their confidence and sense of pride.

Williams’s journey from Harlem to global fashion capitals showcases the power of braiding as an art form that transcends borders and cultures.

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