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Breaking Boundaries: Sofia Richie Grainge’s Maternity Style Evolution

Sofia Richie Grainge Takes a Slight Style Departure in First Maternity ’Fit

Sofia Richie Grainge Takes a Slight Style Departure in First Maternity ’Fit

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Sofia Richie Grainge’s Maternity Style

Sofia Richie Grainge’s journey as a modern-day It-girl has been nothing short of captivating. From her ethereal wedding to her impeccable everyday style, she has consistently wowed us with her fashion choices.

The Maternity Announcement

When Sofia announced her pregnancy in Vogue, the media frenzy surrounding her only intensified. Shortly after the announcement, she was spotted in LA rocking a fresh maternity look that showcased her evolving style.

Maternity Fashion Evolution

Maternity fashion has seen a significant evolution in recent times, with influencers like Rihanna pushing boundaries and redefining what it means to dress stylishly during pregnancy. Sofia is following suit by embracing her motherhood journey with understated yet chic pieces.

Sofia’s Maternity Outfit Details

  1. Beige cashmere crew-neck jumper

  2. Olive R13 overalls with one shoulder unbuttoned

  3. Tortoiseshell micro shades

  4. White leather Derby shoes

  5. Oversized two-tone Ferragamo Hug bag

Shop Sofia Richie-Inspired Items

  1. J.Crew relaxed V-neck sweater – $158

  2. Paige Mayslie straight-leg ankle-crop overalls – $269 (Sale: $84)

  3. The Row soft Margaux 10 bag – $4,290

  4. Adidas Originals Samba OG sneakers – $120

  5. Acne Studios cotton-canvas overalls – $540 (Sale: $378)

  6. Naadam Super Luxe fisherman sweater – $350

  7. Toteme Sport sneakers – $450

  8. Khaite Maeve small crossbody bag – $2,100


Sofia Richie Grainge’s maternity style departure showcases her ability to embrace motherhood while staying true to her unique fashion sense. We can’t wait to see how she continues to redefine maternity fashion in the days to come.

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