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Breaking Down the Top 10 Must-Have Trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week Fall 2024

The Top 10 Fall 2024 Trends From Copenhagen Fashion Week

The Top 10 Fall 2024 Trends From Copenhagen Fashion Week


“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes,” is a popular adage in Scandinavia. The recent Copenhagen Fashion Week for Fall 2024 showcased a fusion of functionality and aesthetics, with a nod to Nordic heritage and nature-inspired designs.

Nordic Knits and Base Layers

  1. Warmth, tradition, and function combined in chill slope-ready gear.

  2. Designers mimicked Mother Nature’s glory with intricate knits.

Denim Delights

  1. Denim remains a core staple, with brands like Marimekko showcasing unique prints.

  2. Jeans were printed, treated, and washed for a fresh take on the classic fabric.

Grandfather Clause

  1. Sturdy tweeds, houndstooth, and heritage fabrics were prominent for classic cover-ups.

  2. Embracing the region’s famed connection to nature, designs exuded warmth and durability.

Middle Management

The waist was a focal point in couture and contemporary collections, adding a touch of sophistication to the looks.

A Mind for Business…

Inspired by the ‘Working Girl’ era, pinstripes and neckties exuded a blend of professionalism and style, catering to the post-pandemic work-life balance.

…and a Body for Sin

The ’80s trend made a comeback with oversized silhouettes, showcasing a bold and daring fashion statement.

Wale Watching

Corduroy made a cozy return, providing a softer alternative to denim in a variety of garments.

Under Wraps

Stoles and scarves added an elegant touch, wrapping around the neck and shoulders for a chic embrace.

Know When to Fold ‘Em

Flat fashions with hints of paper doll vibes brought a unique twist to the runway, adding a playful element to the collections.


The Fall 2024 trends from Copenhagen Fashion Week showcased a blend of heritage, nature-inspired designs, and contemporary styles. From Nordic knits to denim delights, the runway was a mix of functionality and fashion, reflecting the essence of Scandinavian aesthetics.

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