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Bridget Jones 4: The Next Chapter – Exclusive Updates and Sneak Peeks Revealed!

A Fourth Bridget Jones Movie Is Reportedly in the Works: Here’s Everything We Know

A Fourth Bridget Jones Movie Is Reportedly in the Works: Here’s Everything We Know



Ever since the lovable (and perfectly normal-size) Bridget Jones hit the silver screen, fans have been clamoring to see the further adventures of the plucky heroine, played by Renée Zellweger. Following the success of 2001’s Bridget Jones’ Diary (which, fun fact, is based on Pride & Prejudice), Zellweger starred in two sequels, Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (2004) and Bridget Jones’ Baby (2016). Now, a fourth movie is reportedly in the works. Here’s what we’ve heard about the flick.

When does it begin shooting?

“Filming is being mapped out already and all of the pre-production is in place… There was some uncertainty about whether it would get off the ground, but the movie is coming,” a source told the Daily Mail in February 2024, citing May as the start of shooting in London.

What’s it about?

According to the Daily Mail article, it’ll take inspiration from one of author Helen Fielding’s later Bridget Jones novels, which follows our heroine navigating social media and dating apps as a single mom following the death of her longtime love Mark Darcy (Colin Firth).

Which actors are coming back?

So far, only Zellweger is reportedly confirmed. Both Firth and Hugh Grant battled for Jones’ affections in the first two films, though Grant’s character was written off (presumed dead, later found alive, off-screen) and replaced by another man, played by Patrick Dempsey, in the third. So all avenues are open.

It’s actually pretty notable that Zellweger has signed on. Not that anyone else could play the titular character, but the two-time Oscar winner is super-choosy about her projects. That said, she’s always been upfront about her desire to reprise the role.

In 2020, she told Vanity Fair, when asked whether there would be another installment of the hit franchise, “It would be fun, yeah. I know people are coy. I’m not. I promise I’m not. I just don’t know.”

“I mean, that’s a Helen [Fielding, the author] question, but I hope she would want to… I’m always the last to know. They’re already building sets, and they call me and say, ‘What do you think?’ It’s fun. It’s so much fun. Man, I’d love the experience of revisiting her. I love her. I just think she’s so much fun. She’s the best. Sure, if I got invited to do that, that sounds like fun.”

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