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Brit Awards 2024: Unveiling the Unforgettable Moments You Might Have Missed!

All the Moments You Might Have Missed From the Brit Awards 2024

All the Moments You Might Have Missed From the Brit Awards 2024

Put a bunch of celebrities into a room, pump them with champagne and the adrenaline of competition, train a live camera on them and it’s bound to be a good time, right? Not always the case, actually, but the Brits is one award show that has, over the years, birthed many legendary pop cultural moments. There are performances that have become pop culture scripture, like Adele silencing the room with “Someone Like You,” or Amy Winehouse raising the roof with “Valerie.” Prince made his comeback on its O2 stage! Geri Halliwell unveiled her Union Jack dress here! Even when things go wrong, it’s somehow so right—who could forget Madonna’s tumble down a flight of stairs because her cape got caught, or Jarvis Cocker stage-crashing Michael Jackson? Wet Leg saying “f**k the Tories” on national TV was unforgettable, too. Amen.

Raye’s Historic Wins

  1. Raye cleaned up at the awards, making history with the most wins for one artist in a single night.

  2. Her performance showcased her immense range, from a powerful ballad to a number one hit.

  3. Raye received a standing ovation from Dua Lipa and shout-outs from PinkPantheress and Kylie.

CMAT and the Bumster Trend

The Irish singer-songwriter CMAT helped solidify the “bumster” trend with her cheeky red carpet appearance.

Black Fashion Trend

Many celebrities wore black at the Brits, from Dua Lipa’s custom Versace to Tate McRae and Raye in jet-black sequin gowns.

Use Your Platform for Good

Various artists used their platform at the Brits to call attention to important issues, such as songwriters’ rights and trans rights.

Clunky References and Awkward Moments

Some moments at the Brits felt a bit low-energy, with clunky jokes and pre-planned bits that didn’t quite land.

Rema’s Performance

Rema delivered a powerful performance of “Calm Down,” reminding everyone of the talent in the Afrobeats genre.

Tate McRae’s Hairography

Despite sound issues during her performance, Tate McRae’s hairography saved the show.

On-Stage Rave

Several artists brought an on-stage rave vibe to the Brits, with energetic performances and elaborate dance routines.

Overall, the Brit Awards 2024 was a night to remember, filled with memorable performances, historic wins, and important messages. The event showcased the diversity and talent of the music industry while also addressing pressing social issues. Here’s to more iconic moments in the years to come!

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