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Busy Beauty Essentials: Tubing Mascara, Pink Conditioner, and Vulva Cream – A Must-Have Trio!

Busy Philipps’ Beauty Must-Haves Include Tubing Mascara, Pink Conditioner, and Vulva Cream

Busy Philipps’ Beauty Must-Haves Include Tubing Mascara, Pink Conditioner, and Vulva Cream


Empowering Women Through Open Conversations

Busy Philipps, the renowned actor and podcast host, is on a mission to break the stigma surrounding women’s bodies. She advocates for open conversations about topics such as vulva care, emphasizing the importance of treating this intimate area with respect and proper skincare.

Normalizing Vulva Care

Philipps believes that there has been a lack of education and discussion around women’s bodies, leading to the neglect of vulva care in health and skincare conversations. By partnering with vulva skincare brand Say La V, she aims to normalize and de-stigmatize discussions about vulva care, emphasizing that knowledge is power when it comes to understanding our bodies.

Embracing Intimate Wellness

Philipps encourages women to embrace their bodies and intimate wellness, highlighting the importance of self-love and positive body image. She shares her journey of overcoming negative body talk and programming, urging others to fake self-love until they genuinely feel it.

Busy Philipps’ Top Beauty and Wellness Picks

1. Thrive Causemetics Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara

  1. Price: $25

  2. Description: Philipps swears by this mascara for its transformative effect on her lashes, endorsing its quality and long-lasting wear.

2. KS&CO Microfeathering Brow Pen

  1. Price: $42

  2. Description: This brow pen is Philipps’ go-to for perfectly filled-in brows, providing a natural and defined look.

3. SAY LA V. Nourishing Veauty Feminine Wash

  1. Price: $10

  2. Description: Philipps uses this feminine wash to maintain the balance and health of her vulva, emphasizing the importance of proper care for this sensitive area.

4. Overtone Hair Color Depositing Conditioner

  1. Price: $26

  2. Description: To switch up her hair color, Philipps relies on this color-depositing conditioner for vibrant and easy-to-maintain shades.

5. SAY LA V. Vulva Moisturizing Veauty Cream

  1. Price: $14

  2. Description: Philipps recommends this moisturizing cream for the vulva, highlighting the importance of using specialized products for different parts of the body.

6. IT Cosmetics CC+ Nude Glow Lightweight Foundation + Glow Serum

  1. Price: $47

  2. Description: For her face, Philipps loves this foundation and glow serum for a radiant and flawless complexion.

7. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen

  1. Price: $38

  2. Description: Philipps trusts this sunscreen for her sensitive skin, emphasizing the importance of sun protection in skincare routines.

8. BEHAVE Sour Gummy Bears

  1. Price: $6

  2. Description: As a gummy treats addict, Philipps enjoys these sour gummy bears as a sweet treat with low sugar content, showcasing her love for indulgent yet mindful snacks.

Busy Philipps’ beauty and wellness picks reflect her commitment to self-care, empowerment, and embracing one’s body in all its forms. By sharing her favorite products, she encourages others to prioritize self-love and care in their daily routines.

Written by Danielle Sinay, Associate Beauty Editor at Glamour.

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