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Capturing Moments: An Interview with Carmen Daneshmandi at PhotoVogue Festival Echoes #10

PhotoVogue Festival Echoes: Interview with Carmen Daneshmandi

PhotoVogue Festival Echoes: Interview with Carmen Daneshmandi

We created PhotoVogue Festival Echoes to allow those who participated in the event to contribute their voices to the Festival’s narrative. During those days in Milan, we recognised our community’s desire to come together and draw inspiration from each other’s works. We highly value the sharing of experiences and practices, firmly believing that providing dedicated space to each artist can appropriately acknowledge the outstanding projects exhibited in November at the PhotoVogue Festival.

Carmen Daneshmandi’s Works

Carmen Daneshmandi is the protagonist of the 8th episode of PhotoVogue Festival Echoes. She participated in the exhibition ‘Spanish Women: A contemporary portrait of Strength and Beauty’ in Milan. Her project features works from Sevilla, Zaragoza, Barcelona, and New York, showcasing the strength and beauty of the womxn portrayed in her photographs.

Memories of the PhotoVogue Festival 2023

  1. Carmen Daneshmandi shared her favorite memory as forming genuine connections with a diverse community during the festival.

Influence of Multicultural Upbringing

  1. Color, texture, and patterns play a significant role in Carmen’s work, influenced by her multicultural background.

Elements of Fantasy in Photography

  1. Carmen discusses how fantasy can help change reality and serve as a vehicle for personal and collective transformation through her imagery.

Upcoming Projects

  1. Carmen talks about her upcoming self-published project, the Calendar Zine, aimed at decolonizing the standard calendar and honoring overlooked communities.

Through her unique blend of culture, artistry, and storytelling, Carmen Daneshmandi creates visually captivating works that resonate with viewers on a deep, emotional level. Her dedication to celebrating diversity and empowering communities shines through in every photograph she captures.

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