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Capturing the Essence: An Exclusive Interview with Photographer Enrique Leyva at PhotoVogue Festival

PhotoVogue Festival Echoes: #8 Interview with Enrique Leyva

PhotoVogue Festival Echoes: #8 Interview with Enrique Leyva


We created PhotoVogue Festival Echoes to allow those who participated in the event to contribute their voices to the Festival’s narrative. Enrique Leyva, the protagonist of the 8th episode, showcased his project ‘Mi Gente/My People’ capturing the faces and bodies from his homeland, Oaxaca, during the PhotoVogue Festival in Milan. Through his work, he offers a visual acknowledgment of his heritage, giving pride back to his people and celebrating their culture.

Favorite Memory of the PhotoVogue Festival 2023

Enrique Leyva shared that his favorite memory of the PhotoVogue Festival 2023 was meeting fellow photographers who inspired him and getting to know the dedicated team behind the event who showcased their works in a unique way.

Importance of Portraying Underrepresented People

Enrique Leyva emphasized the importance of representing underrepresented communities, particularly focusing on the indigenous roots of Southern Mexico. He encourages artists to observe their surroundings, capture untold stories, and transform perspectives through their work.

Suggestions for Artists

  1. Observe and capture the stories, struggles, and dreams of those you resonate with.

  2. Honor the history, heritage, and beauty of the individuals you portray.

Connection to Mexican Culture

Enrique Leyva’s work is deeply connected to his place of origin, Mexico, as he aims to portray the textures, colors, and faces that shaped his upbringing in Oaxaca. He pays tribute to his culture through elements like braids, artisanal details, and Oaxacan landscapes in his photography.

Unexpected Aspects of Mexican Culture

He aims to deviate from stereotypical images of Mexico by showcasing the nostalgia, traditions, and everyday life of his people, highlighting the beauty in the mundane and the authenticity of his heritage.

Upcoming Project

Enrique Leyva is collaborating with two Mexican photographers to work on a project that focuses on equality and representation of brown and indigenous people. They aim to tell their stories through their own lens, emphasizing the importance of owning and sharing one’s narrative.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

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