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Chic Chats with Brynn Whitfield: Love, Linguine, and Little Ones

Catching Up With Brynn Whitfield: Boys, Bolognese, and Baby Fever

Catching Up With Brynn Whitfield: Boys, Bolognese, and Baby Fever



Brynn Whitfield, the ginger-haired PR consultant and Bravo star, opens up about her dating adventures, career successes, and journey towards freezing her eggs. From ghosting to bolognese, her story is one of self-discovery and resilience.

Dating Adventures

Brynn shares her experiences with different dating apps and her unconventional approaches to meeting potential partners. From hitting on guys at Whole Foods to attending outdoor happy hours, she’s tried it all in her quest for love.

Favorite Dating Apps

  1. Hinge

  2. Raya

  3. The League

Career Successes

Despite the challenges of being in the spotlight, Brynn has thrived in her career. From her appearances on RHONY to her collaborations and projects, she continues to shine both on and off the screen.

Bravo’s RHONY Reboot

The RHONY reboot showcased a new cast of diverse and relatable women, with Brynn standing out for her charm and wit. She navigates the reality TV world with grace and humor, despite facing criticism and scrutiny.

Journey Towards Freezing Eggs

As Brynn approaches her late 30s, she confronts her fears and anxieties about starting the process of freezing her eggs. She candidly shares her struggles with fertility math and the emotional rollercoaster of preparing for retrieval surgery.

Personal Revelation

Brynn reflects on her changing perspective towards dating and the realization that she is no longer consumed by the pressure to find a partner. Her journey towards self-acceptance and embracing uncertainty is both empowering and relatable.


Brynn Whitfield’s story is one of resilience, self-discovery, and growth. From her dating adventures to career successes and fertility journey, she navigates life with humor and authenticity. As she embraces the unknown and faces her fears head-on, Brynn serves as an inspiration to many.

Photographer: Andrew Gowen | Styling: Kat Thomas | Makeup: Sophia Vallejos | Hair: Hayley Smith | Photo location: Rosecrans Cafe & Florist

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