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Chic Chronicles: Maisie Williams Rocks a Slicked-Back Bob with Unbeatable Coolness

Maisie Williams and Her Slicked-Back Bob Are Simply Too Cool

Maisie Williams and Her Slicked-Back Bob Are Simply Too Cool


And the award for achievement in ’00s-era fashion goes to…Maisie Williams at a Vanity Fair pre-BAFTAs party on January 31. Maisie Williams is known for her impeccable style, and her recent appearance did not disappoint.

The Outfit

Williams’s outfit at the event was a perfect blend of retro and modern fashion elements. She rocked a sheer black top with intricate cutouts and a twisted knot detail paired with tan trousers and black mules. The white satchel she carried added a fun pop of color to the ensemble.

The Hair

While the outfit itself was a standout, Williams’s hair stole the show. She sported a short, slicked-back bob that added a modern touch to the overall look. The hairstyle perfectly complemented the retro vibe of the outfit.

Upcoming Project

As if Maisie Williams wasn’t already a fashion icon, her next TV project is playing Catherine Dior in AppleTV’s upcoming miniseries, The New Look. The series explores the rise of fashion designer Christian Dior and his luxury couture brand, showcasing Williams’s versatility as an actress.


Maisie Williams continues to impress with her fashion choices, effortlessly blending retro and modern aesthetics. Her slicked-back bob and stylish outfit at the Vanity Fair pre-BAFTAs party are a testament to her unique sense of style and fashion-forward attitude.

Stay tuned for more fashion updates!

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