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Chic Layers: How Jennifer Lopez Masters Winter Fashion

Only Jennifer Lopez Could Bundle Up This Way

Only Jennifer Lopez Could Bundle Up This Way

Jennifer Lopez’s Bold Winter Fashion Statement

In the world of Jennifer Lopez, everything is an opportunity for a bold fashion statement—even when you’re simply trying to stay warm. Earlier this week in New York City, the star braved the cold in a look that’s very “Jenny from the Block”: Lopez rocked a giant plushy faux fur coat with a white tee, baggy jeans, and her signature Timberland boots—a she she’s been wearing since she was a teen growing up in The Bronx.

J.Lo’s Signature Winter Style

I’m captivated by her approach to bundling up, namely because most New Yorkers pile on a big, black puffer coat and call it a day. But not J.Lo! She finished off the look with movie star-worthy shades and giant hoops. It’s not the first time Lopez has made this ensemble her winter uniform. Post-hosting Saturday Night Live last weekend, the star emerged wearing a white faux fur coat with metallic boots. And she was spotted in a hefty faux fur jacket with jeans and Timbs last year, too. It’s quite impressive how much shaggy outerwear she owns; the pieces must have their very own closet.

Why Statement Coats are Essential

If you think about it, a statement coat is the perfect staple to wear on a cold, crisp day. You can layer virtually anything underneath it, and you’ll still be turning a total look. Though, there’s something distinctively cool about the way J.Lo pulls it off. In these looks, she could walk right onto the set of Hustlers 2 and be totally ready to film.

Fabulous Faux Fur Coats to Shop

  1. Pixie Market Phoebe faux fur coat – $269

  2. The Frankie Shop Liza faux fur jacket – $570

  3. Raey oversized faux-fur maxi coat – $1,450

  4. Toteme faux fur coat – $1,800

  5. Lidor shearling coat – $2,747

These are just a few examples of the fabulous faux fur coats available for you to achieve Jennifer Lopez’s iconic winter style. Make a statement this winter with a bold coat that will keep you warm and stylish!

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