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Chic Parisian Delights: Must-See Exhibitions as Fashion Week Fades

Three Exhibitions to Visit as Paris Fashion Week Winds Down

Three Exhibitions to Visit as Paris Fashion Week Winds Down



As Paris Fashion Week nears its end, the city’s museums and galleries offer a plethora of art exhibitions that are not to be missed. While the fashion circus may be packing up, art enthusiasts can still indulge in the visual delights that Paris has to offer. Here are three standout exhibitions that provide a unique blend of past and present, combining fashion, photography, and societal observations.

Sheer: The Diaphanous Creations of Yves Saint Laurent

The Musée Yves Saint Laurent presents an exhibition that delves into the sheer creations of the iconic designer. From transparent evening dresses to strategically placed sequins, the exhibition showcases how Yves Saint Laurent used sheer fabrics to play with light, movement, and shape. The enchanting display is a journey through the couturier’s exploration of elegance and sensuality.

Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn, Fashion Icon

This exhibition at the Maison Européene de la Photographie celebrates the life and work of Lisa Fonssagrives-Penn, a renowned fashion model and photographer. Through a collection of vintage photos and collaborations with prominent photographers, visitors can explore the multifaceted talent of this fashion icon. From studio shots to editorial spreads, the exhibition offers a glimpse into the evolution of fashion photography.

Exteriors—Annie Ernaux and Photography

Curated by Lou Stoppard, this exhibition at the Maison Européene de la Photographie brings together the works of Annie Ernaux and a selection of photography to create a unique narrative. By pairing excerpts from Ernaux’s book “Exteriors” with images that reflect urban life and personal experiences, the exhibition offers a thought-provoking exploration of memory, identity, and social observation.


These three exhibitions provide a diverse range of artistic experiences that are sure to captivate visitors. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a photography buff, or simply a lover of art, these showcases offer a glimpse into the creative minds of some of the industry’s most influential figures. Make sure to visit these exhibitions before they close and immerse yourself in the beauty of art and culture.

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