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Chic Strands: A Worldwide Directory of Top Braiding Salons and Stylists

A Global Guide to the Best Braiding Salons and Braiders

A Global Guide to the Best Braiding Salons and Braiders


Nobody trusts just anybody with their hair. And if you’re someone who gets braids, then you’ve no doubt done your homework—finding skilled professionals who you trust implicitly with your strands.

As we compile a guide to the best braiders in the business, who better to poll than you—our braid-enthused readers. Fill us in on your favorite braiding destinations below, and tell us about your go-to braided style. We’ll see you at the salon.

Top Braiding Salons Around the Globe

North America

  1. New York City, USA – Braids by Bianca

  2. Los Angeles, USA – Bella’s Braids


  1. London, UK – The Braiding Room

  2. Paris, France – Chez Braids


  1. Lagos, Nigeria – Nana’s Braids

  2. Johannesburg, South Africa – Afro Braiding Co.


  1. Tokyo, Japan – Zen Braiding Salon

  2. Seoul, South Korea – K-Braids Studio

Share Your Favorite Braiding Destinations

We would love to hear from you! Share in the comments below your favorite braiding salons and braiders from around the world. Let’s create a global community of braiding enthusiasts!

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