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Coco Jones Channels ’90s R&B Icons for Showstopping Grammys Ensemble

Coco Jones Inspired by ’90s R&B Legends for Her Grammys Look

Coco Jones Was Inspired by ’90s R&B Legends for Her Grammys Look



Coco Jones, a first-time Grammy nominee, made a stunning appearance on the red carpet, exuding elegance and style reminiscent of ’90s R&B icons. Let’s delve into her glamorous look and the inspiration behind it.

Coco Jones’ Grammy Look

At the Grammy Awards, Coco Jones captivated audiences with her impeccable style. The 26-year-old artist donned a shimmering pale blue gown that hugged her figure gracefully, paired with an open bodice and a delicate body chain from Swarovski x Skims. Her hair styled in a chic topknot added a touch of ’90s sophistication to her ensemble.

Inspiration from ’90s R&B

In an interview, Jones revealed that her look was influenced by the iconic women of ’90s R&B who paved the way for artists like her. Drawing inspiration from the individual styles of legends like Destiny’s Child, she aimed to create a unique and memorable moment on the red carpet.

Quoting Coco Jones:

“Whenever I’m thinking about a big event, I always go back in time to see things that have inspired me. So I was inspired a lot by ’90s R&B and the greats of that time and just the moments that they made.”

Grammy Nominations and Achievements

This year’s Grammy Awards mark a significant milestone for Coco Jones, who received nominations in five categories, including Best New Artist. Her EP, “What I Didn’t Tell You,” is in the running for Best R&B Album, while her breakout single, “ICU,” is nominated for Best R&B Performance and Best R&B Song.

Coco Jones’ Perspective

Despite the anticipation surrounding her nominations, Jones remains focused on cherishing the experience with her loved ones. Her excitement for showcasing her look, celebrating with her family, and acknowledging her team’s hard work reflects her gratitude and humility.

Quoting Coco Jones:

“I’m excited to have a great look, to feel beautiful, to have my family there, my mom and brother and sister. I’m excited for my team to celebrate the nomination, and I’m pretty much leaving the rest of my possible ‘what ifs’ for the day.”


Coco Jones’ Grammy appearance not only showcased her impeccable style but also paid homage to the influential women of ’90s R&B. As she continues to make her mark in the music industry, her grace, talent, and appreciation for those who came before her shine through.

To view all the breathtaking looks from the 2024 Grammys red carpet and for more live show coverage, visit the official website.

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