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Copenhagen Fashion Week’s Top Designers Dish on Their Must-Have Shopping Picks

From Cecilie Bahnsen to Sophie Bille Brahe: Copenhagen Fashion Week’s Designers Shopping Guide

From Cecilie Bahnsen to Sophie Bille Brahe: Copenhagen Fashion Week’s Designers Shopping Guide

As Copenhagen Fashion Week (CFW) ushers in its autumn/winter season, the spotlight isn’t just on the runways but also on the personal shopping lists and favorite spots of the city’s top designers. From cherished vintage finds to the latest in Scandinavian design, join us as we uncover where and what Copenhagen’s fashion elite are adding to their shopping carts right now.

The Heart of Copenhagen’s Design Scene

Copenhagen’s unique approach to fashion, emphasizing sustainability and local talent, has made it a global beacon for design enthusiasts. But beyond the runway shows, the city is a trove of antique fairs, curated shops, and cozy spots that reflect its commitment to design, sustainability, and hygge.

Where Designers Love to Shop

Sophie Bille Brahe’s Hidden Gems

  1. Tage Anderson: A boutique and floral museum with a beautiful courtyard.

  2. Klassik & The Apartment: For the best selection of furniture and decorative objects.

  3. Porcelaenskaelderen: A go-to for antiques, especially porcelain.

  4. Time’s Up: A vintage store known for exceptional Chanel vests.

Rebekka Bay’s Timeless Picks

  1. Magnolias: Bay’s favorite vintage store for timeless fashion inspiration.

  2. Apollo Bar & Studio x Kitchen: For dining in style.

  3. Marimekko Store: Showcasing the brand’s newest store concept.

Barbara Potts’ Fashion Forward Finds

  1. Books and Copan: A quaint bookstore and café just outside Copenhagen.

  2. Anne Sax: For beautiful, elevated undergarments.

  3. Saks Potts Store: A must-visit for unique fashion pieces.

Nicklas Skovgaard’s Vintage Ventures

  1. Green Square: For antique interiors and dreamy decor items.

  2. Inger Grubbe: A favorite for unique jewelry pieces.

  3. Le Petit Voyeur: For a curated selection of art books and magazines.

Awa Malina Stelter’s Artistic Aspirations

  1. Mr. Larkin: A womenswear brand and retailer between Houston and Copenhagen.

  2. Elhanati: Known for bespoke jewelry pieces.

  3. V1 Gallery & Beau Marché: For the latest in art and home decor.

Cecilie Bahnsen’s Sustainable Selections

  1. Nina Nørgaard Showroom: For exquisite glassware.

  2. Arakai Beauty: A top pick for natural beauty products and treatments.

  3. Io Japanese Tea House: For a serene tea experience.

In Conclusion

Copenhagen Fashion Week not only showcases the best of Scandinavian design but also offers a window into the personal style and shopping habits of its most influential figures. From vintage treasures to the latest in sustainable fashion, the city’s designers have shared their top spots and must-haves, providing a unique guide for anyone looking to explore Copenhagen through the eyes of its creative pioneers.

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