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Copper Crush: Embracing the Hailey Bieber Hair Trend for Your Next Style Statement

Hailey Bieber’s Copper Hair Buzz – A Fashion Blogger’s Take

I Don’t Care If Hailey Bieber’s Copper Hair Is Photoshopped, It’s Going on the Mood Board

Adding to “looks to try,” Hailey Bieber, longtime Light Brunette, seems to be rocking some auburn-y highlights that respond only to the flash of a camera. Or maybe she’s just editing her pics. In a new shoot for Victoria’s Secret, the Rhode founder’s chin-length lob seems to have a warm, copper tone. It’s the same color that showed up in her November photo shoot for the latest Rhode peptide product. But in the behind-the-scenes video and other recent candids, her hair is as brown as ever. Is this some sort of…chestnut magic?

Hailey Bieber’s Hair Journey on Instagram

  1. Hailey’s hair color in the latest Victoria’s Secret shoot

  2. Comparing her hair color in different photos

  3. Speculations about her hair color change

But seriously, Hailey Bieber should think about giving herself the copper treatment. None of her peers in Hollywood or the modeling world have that shade right now, and it would make her stand out. Less than a day after the VS shoot hit her ’gram, Bieber posted a mini dump of pictures from a tropical vacation. Her hair doesn’t look super red in these snaps, but at this point, who knows what any of it means, if anything.

Instagram Influencer and Hair Color Speculations

Actually, commenters seem to have decided that this is a soft-launch for a blush product, and they’re probably right. The Rhode account commented, “👀🎀✨✨✨.” IRL, the Biebers were last spotted on February 28 headed to church. That outing came amid the latest wave of divorce rumors, bolstered by Hailey’s dad, Stephen Baldwin, seemingly asking the Christian community to pray for the couple. If they really are having a tough time, it adds another layer to this hair color situation. You know what they say about a girl going through her red-hair phase.

Final Thoughts

Hailey Bieber’s ever-changing hair color has sparked a buzz in the fashion and beauty industry. Whether it’s a temporary look, a photoshop trick, or a hint at a new product launch, one thing is for sure – she has everyone talking. Would you try the copper hair trend inspired by Hailey Bieber?

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