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Embracing Identity: Lucy Sante’s Journey to Self-Discovery as a Woman

Lucy Sante Always Knew She Was a Woman

Lucy Sante Always Knew She Was a Woman

About Lucy Sante

Lucy Sante’s life and work have a nomadic quality to them. From her time at Columbia University to her work at the New York Review of Books and as a visiting professor at Bard College, Sante has traversed various paths in her career.

Unfolding a Dual Narrative

In her latest book, “I Heard Her Call My Name: A Memoir of Transition,” Sante delves into her personal history and the journey of her transition. The book serves as both a cultural and personal exploration, shedding light on her life experiences that led to this pivotal moment.

The Journey of Transition

  1. Sante’s realization of her true identity at a young age

  2. The process of dismantling the male persona she had constructed

  3. Embracing the liberation and authenticity of transitioning

Writing as a Reflection of Identity

As a writer, Sante found solace and purpose in documenting her transition. The act of writing became a natural response to this significant life event, allowing her to express her emotions and insights.

Support and Mentorship

Sante found support within the transgender community, particularly from individuals like her friend Leor, who played a pivotal role in guiding her through the transition process. Mentorship and camaraderie proved essential in Sante’s journey.

Reflections on Age and Self

Sante’s contemplation of her age and the timing of her transition highlights a poignant longing for an earlier realization of her true identity. Despite this, she embraces the ongoing evolution of her self and looks forward to the future.

Embracing Authenticity

Through her transition, Sante found a sense of relief and authenticity that had eluded her for years. The process of shedding her former self and embracing her true identity brought a newfound sense of peace and self-acceptance.

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