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Embracing Solitude: The Creative Process Behind Taylor Swift’s Folklore

Taylor Swift Admits She Was ‘Lonely’ While Writing Folklore (and Still Dating Joe Alwyn)

Taylor Swift Admits She Was ‘Lonely’ While Writing Folklore (and Still Dating Joe Alwyn)


The Lonely Confession

During her recent concert in Melbourne, Taylor Swift opened up about feeling ‘lonely’ while writing her album Folklore. Despite being in a relationship with Joe Alwyn at the time, she painted a picture of solitude in her creative process.

The Ghostly Inspiration

Swift shared that she imagined herself as a ghostly Victorian lady wandering through the woods with a candle in hand while writing Folklore. This vision contrasted with her reality of being a modern millennial woman covered in cat hair.

Collaborative Efforts

Swift and Alwyn’s relationship was marked by their shared love for sad songs. Alwyn even co-wrote tracks under the pseudonym William Bowery for Swift’s albums Folklore and Evermore.

The Beginning of the End

Speculation about the state of Swift and Alwyn’s relationship began circulating after their split in 2023. Reports suggested that Alwyn struggled with Swift’s fame and that their bond might have weakened over time.

You’re Losing Me

Many fans believe that the song “You’re Losing Me,” written in collaboration with Jack Antonoff, hinted at the unraveling of Swift and Alwyn’s relationship. The track, penned over a bottle of Gaslighter rosé, added fuel to the breakup rumors.

The Tortured Poets Department

Swift’s upcoming album has sparked curiosity among fans, with hints of Joe Alwyn Easter eggs in the track list and album art. Theories abound about the inspiration behind the music and its connection to Swift and Alwyn’s past.

Stay tuned for more updates on Taylor Swift’s musical journey and the aftermath of her relationship with Joe Alwyn.

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