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Emily Ratajkowski’s Parisian Perms and Pantless Picks

Emily Ratajkowski Is Permed and Pantless in Paris

Emily Ratajkowski Is Permed and Pantless in Paris


The Naked-Dressing Phenomenon

Designers during the autumn-winter 2024 season have taken the naked-dressing phenomenon to new heights with skintight and see-through garments that push the boundaries of imagination. However, this trend has sparked criticism due to the current political climate surrounding women’s bodies, questioning the need for further objectification in fashion.

Emily Ratajkowski’s Perspective

Emily Ratajkowski, a prominent figure in the fashion industry, has expressed her feelings of being objectified and limited by her image as a sex symbol. Her recent comments shed light on the complexities of sexuality and empowerment, prompting discussions about the portrayal of women in media and society.

Empowerment Through Fashion

Despite the controversies surrounding objectification, Emily Ratajkowski continues to challenge norms through her fashion choices. From revealing ensembles to bold statements, she uses clothing as a form of empowerment and self-expression, pushing the boundaries of traditional gender roles in fashion.

Breaking Fashion Rules

Embracing a rebellious spirit, Emily Ratajkowski was spotted in Paris sporting a just-permed hairstyle and going pantless in an oversized jumper and ballet flats. This bold fashion statement not only defies conventional norms but also serves as a symbol of female empowerment and freedom.


Emily Ratajkowski’s fashion choices reflect her ongoing journey towards self-discovery and empowerment in a society that often seeks to confine women to predefined roles. By embracing her individuality and breaking fashion rules, she inspires others to challenge societal expectations and celebrate their unique identities.

This article first appeared on British Vogue.

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