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Empowering Queens: Celebrating Female Voices in National Geographic

National Geographic’s Queens: Empowering Females in the Wild

The Power of Queens

Exploring the untamed beauty of Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, National Geographic’s new wildlife series, Queens, unveils a captivating narrative of female empowerment in the animal kingdom. Narrated by the iconic Angela Bassett, this seven-part series delves into the extraordinary lives of female species such as elephants, hyenas, and lions as they rise to power and navigate a changing world.

Breaking Barriers

One of the most remarkable aspects of Queens is the story behind its creation. Traditionally, wildlife production has been dominated by men, with a lack of female representation both behind the camera and in key creative roles. However, a groundbreaking idea took shape when executive producer Vanessa Berlowitz and senior vice president Janet Han Vissering envisioned a series that celebrates the remarkable matriarchs of the animal kingdom, produced by an all-female or female-led crew.

Empowering Women

  1. Historically, women in wildlife production faced challenges such as lack of paid leave, making it difficult for them to sustain their careers.

  2. Queens shattered these barriers by providing support systems like paid maternity leave and flexible work arrangements, allowing new mothers to continue their careers while balancing family responsibilities.

  3. The series embraced diversity by recruiting and training women and underrepresented groups, revolutionizing the industry and fostering a new generation of talent.

The Impact of Representation

By featuring local talents like Kenyan producer and director Faith Musembi, Queens not only elevated the storytelling but also provided a platform for diverse voices to shine. Musembi’s journey from a career low to directing a pivotal episode showcases the transformative power of representation in the industry.

Fostering Change

The success of Queens not only resonates on-screen but also off-screen, as it inspires a cultural shift towards inclusivity and gender diversity in wildlife production. The series sets a new standard for empowering women and creating opportunities for all voices to be heard.

The Future of Queens

As the premiere of Queens approaches, the impact of this groundbreaking series reverberates through the industry. National Geographic’s commitment to fostering change and inspiring future generations signals a bright future for female storytellers in the world of wildlife documentaries.

Join the Journey

Don’t miss the premiere of Queens on National Geographic, with the first three episodes airing on March 4, 2024, followed by the remaining four episodes on March 11. Experience the raw power and mesmerizing beauty of the wild through the lens of empowered females, rewriting the narrative of nature documentaries.

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