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Enough Already: Why We Need to Give Brittany Mahomes Her Space

Leave Brittany Mahomes Alone Already

The Unfair Treatment of Brittany Mahomes

Recently, Brittany Mahomes, wife of NFL quarterback Patrick Mahomes, has been the target of unwarranted criticism and hate from football fans and online trolls alike. Despite her resilience and confident demeanor, the relentless attacks on her character and actions have brought to light the pervasive issue of misogyny and unfair scrutiny faced by women in the public eye.

The Double Standards in Sports

It is not uncommon for high-profile athletes’ partners, such as Gisele Bündchen and Jessica Simpson, to face intense backlash and scrutiny from fans and media. However, the level of vitriol directed at Brittany Mahomes seems to exceed what is typically seen in similar situations. From comments about her personality to criticisms of her every move, the attacks on Mahomes reflect a larger pattern of unfair treatment towards women who dare to be outspoken and visible.

Misogyny in the Digital Age

The rise of social media has provided a platform for anonymous critics to target women like Brittany Mahomes with impunity. The constant scrutiny of her behavior, from her public statements to her social media posts, serves as a stark reminder of the sexist attitudes that persist in society. Rather than focusing on her achievements or contributions, Mahomes is reduced to a caricature of the “annoying,” “entitled,” and “attention-thirsty” woman.

Combatting Sexism in Sports

It is crucial to recognize and challenge the gender biases and unfair expectations placed on women in the sports world. The dehumanization of women like Brittany Mahomes only perpetuates harmful stereotypes and reinforces a culture of intolerance. As fans and consumers of sports media, we must advocate for respect and equality for all individuals, regardless of their gender or relationship to a prominent athlete.

Empowering Women in the Spotlight

Brittany Mahomes’s response to the ongoing attacks—staying unbothered and refusing to retreat into the background—serves as a powerful example of resilience in the face of adversity. By standing up to her critics and reclaiming her narrative, Mahomes embodies strength and self-assurance, inspiring other women to defy expectations and embrace their voices.


The treatment of Brittany Mahomes highlights the urgent need for a shift in attitudes towards women in the sports industry. By challenging sexism and supporting women in positions of visibility, we can create a more inclusive and equitable environment for all individuals to thrive and succeed.

Was it even the slightest bit surprising to anyone that Brittany Mahomes was this annoying as a teenager? — Louie Gee (@FF_LouieGee) July 20, 2023

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