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Exclusive Access: Inside the Hottest Grammy Weekend Parties

And Now, a Look Inside the Best Parties During Grammys Weekend

And Now, a Look Inside the Best Parties During Grammys Weekend

Discover the highlights and behind-the-scenes from the most exclusive Grammys 2024 weekend parties.

The Prelude to Music’s Biggest Night

As the stars descended upon Los Angeles for the Grammys weekend, the city transformed into a grand stage for pre-award celebrations. Not just a sight for the sore eyes but a testament to the grandeur that surrounds the world of music. From the glitzy Spotify’s 2024 Best New Artist Party to the intimate gatherings in West Hollywood and Beverly Hills, the weekend was a whirlwind of festivities.

Highlights from Spotify’s Best New Artist Party

The Spotify event was nothing short of spectacular, with performances by the nominees that kept the audience on their toes. Among the stars, Becky G shone brightly, captivating everyone with her presence.

  1. Gracie Abrams and Coco Jones took the stage, delivering unforgettable performances.

  2. Ice Spice closed the night with a performance that had everyone talking.

Sunday Celebrations: The Aftermath of Glory

Universal Music Group’s Grand Soiree

The post-Grammy festivities were spearheaded by UMG, celebrating their artists’ wins in an event marked by sustainability and star-studded performances. The ambiance was set to perfection, with a speakeasy theme that provided an intimate setting for the celebrations.

  1. Featured a carbon-neutral, locally sourced menu, emphasizing UMG’s commitment to sustainability.

  2. Guest appearances included music icons and emerging stars, making it a night to remember.

SZA’s Grammy After-Party: A Celebration of Wins and Wonders

Following her spectacular performance and win, SZA hosted an after-party that was nothing short of majestic. With a caviar bar and ice sculptures, the party was a lavish affair that celebrated her achievements in style.

GQ’s Gathering: A Night of Elegance and Fun

On Saturday, GQ proved yet again why its parties are eagerly awaited. Hosting an eclectic mix of celebrities, the event was a testament to the publication’s influence in bringing together the crème de la crème of the entertainment world.

A Nostalgic Throwback with Cher at the Warner Music Group Party

The weekend kicked off with a bang at the Warner Music Group Party, where Cher introduced her gelato brand in a night filled with performances and star-studded attendance, setting the tone for the weekend’s festivities.

Wrapping Up the Grammys Weekend

The Grammys weekend was a spectacle of celebrations that brought together the biggest names in music and entertainment. From sustainable parties to lavish after-parties and intimate gatherings, the weekend was a prelude to the grandeur of music’s biggest night, leaving attendees and fans yearning for more.

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