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Exclusive Insider Look: Behind the Scenes at Willy Chavarria with José Criales-Unzueta at NYFW

NYFW: Go Behind the Scenes at Willy Chavarria with José Criales-Unzueta

Exclusive Behind the Scenes: Willy Chavarria’s NYFW Fall-Winter ‘24 Collection

As the fashion world turns its gaze towards New York Fashion Week (NYFW), the anticipation for innovative and compelling collections reaches its zenith. This season, we had the unparalleled opportunity to join José Criales-Unzueta behind the scenes at Willy Chavarria’s New York studio. Known for his bold and emotive designs, Chavarria’s Fall-Winter ‘24 collection promises to be a profound narrative on love, protection, pain, war, and heartbreak. Let’s dive into the day’s journey and uncover the essence of Chavarria’s latest work.

The Essence of Chavarria’s FW ‘24 Collection

The studio air buzzes with creativity and fervor as Chavarria and his team put the finishing touches on a collection that is both a reflection of personal experiences and a commentary on global sentiments. At the heart of Chavarria’s Fall-Winter ‘24 collection lies the theme of love and protection amid the trials of pain, war, and heartbreak. It’s a tribute to the resilience of the human spirit, an ode to enduring love.

Inspiration Behind the Collection

  1. Signet Rings and Religious Imagery: These elements serve as symbols of faith and fidelity, weaving a narrative of devotion and protection throughout the collection.

  2. Leather Jackets: Emblematic of strength and defiance, leather jackets in the collection are crafted to be both armor and heirloom, protecting the wearer while telling stories of past struggles and triumphs.

  3. Design Philosophy: Chavarria’s design ethos for this collection is rooted in the idea that fashion is not just an aesthetic choice but a form of shelter and expression for the soul.

A Day with José Criales-Unzueta at Willy Chavarria’s Studio

Accompanying José through the studio, we witness the meticulous attention to detail and the passionate discussions that shape the collection. From the initial sketches to the final stitches, every piece is imbued with meaning and intention.

Behind the Scenes Glimpses

  1. Preparation and Craftsmanship: Observing the team’s dedication to craftsmanship, from the careful selection of fabrics to the precision of each cut and seam, is a testament to the label’s commitment to quality.

  2. Creative Process: The dynamic exchange of ideas and the fluidity of the creative process highlight the collaborative spirit of Chavarria’s studio. It’s a place where innovation is nurtured and diverse perspectives are valued.

  3. Final Touches: As the collection nears completion, the focus on detailing, such as the placement of signet rings and the crafting of leather jackets, underscores the thematic coherence and visual impact of the collection.

Reflections and Anticipations

As we conclude our day behind the scenes with José Criales-Unzueta at Willy Chavarria’s New York studio, we’re left with a deeper appreciation for the narrative power of fashion. Chavarria’s Fall-Winter ‘24 collection is not just a lineup of garments; it’s a collection of stories, a tapestry of emotions woven with threads of love, resilience, and protection. As NYFW approaches, the fashion community eagerly awaits the unveiling of this poignant collection, ready to embrace the beauty and complexity of Chavarria’s vision.

Stay tuned for more updates and behind-the-scenes content as we continue to explore the transformative world of fashion at NYFW and beyond.

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