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Exclusive Interview: Unveiling the Creative Vision with Mauricio Alberto Holc at the PhotoEcho Festi

PhotoVogue Festival Echoes: #12 Interview with Mauricio Alberto Holc

PhotoVogue Festival Echoes: #12 Interview with Mauricio Alberto Holc

About Mauricio Alberto Holc’s Project ‘Ser Libre’

Mauricio Alberto Holc presented his project ‘Ser libre’ at the PhotoVogue Festival in Milan as part of the exhibition ‘What is Beauty?’. Holc’s work focuses on the stories of individuals who do not conform to societal expectations for physical appearances and identities. ‘Ser Libre’ celebrates recognition, acceptance, and pride, showcasing the intricate narratives of individuals embracing their true selves.

Memories of the PhotoVogue Festival 2023

Mauricio Alberto Holc reminisces about the Festival, highlighting the sense of community, family, and acceptance experienced during the event. The Festival provided a safe space for artists to connect, share experiences, and inspire each other. Holc expresses gratitude for the opportunity to meet and connect with admired individuals, making the event a memorable and joyful experience.

Political Significance in Holc’s Photography

Holc’s photography is deeply rooted in politics, particularly in advocating for the rights of non-conforming identities. The interview sheds light on the progressive equal rights policies in Argentina and the challenges faced by marginalized communities amidst potential threats to landmark achievements. Holc emphasizes the importance of inclusive language and representation in fostering a more inclusive society.

Exploring Freedom and Identity

Holc reflects on the concept of freedom in his project ‘Ser Libre’, emphasizing the importance of being able to express one’s true self without impositions. The interview delves into Holc’s personal journey towards self-acceptance and the transformative power of art in shaping identity. Through the lens of ‘Ser Libre’, Holc explores the evolution of identity and the essence of being free.

Upcoming Projects and Creative Endeavors

Mauricio Alberto Holc shares insights into his upcoming projects, including a reinvigorated focus on artisanal photography and experimentation with film. He discusses his collaboration with indigenous communities and individuals embracing sustainable living practices, highlighting the deep connection with nature and heritage. Holc’s creative process continues to evolve, reflecting his ongoing exploration of identity and expression.

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