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Exclusive: Sandra Hüller Stuns as the Muse of Phoebe Philo’s Edit Two

Sandra Hüller Is the Face of Phoebe Philo’s Edit Two

Sandra Hüller Is the Face of Phoebe Philo’s Edit Two

Six years is a lifetime in fashion, but the Philo effect appears undiminished. Phoebe Philo has opted out of the runway, at least for the time being, and the move is already influencing other designers. The pressures of constant creative renewal, it seems, are as real as the financial ones that have kept others off the show schedule this season.

The Influence of Phoebe Philo

Philo isn’t out of the fashion month conversation, even though she wasn’t on any official calendar. The brand has released the first delivery of its second edit today, consisting of 60 new styles that confirm a few things about fashion today. Soft power is in, and hard power is out; the rounded ’80s shoulders she introduced last fall are a big trend.

Edit Two Highlights

  1. Earthy, extreme textures

  2. Silk satin pillow scarves

  3. Dropped waist utility vest and jacket

  4. Motocross trousers

Sandra Hüller as the Face of the Campaign

Sandra Hüller, the Oscar nominated star of Anatomy of a Fall, fronts the campaign, a first for the German actress. It raises the question of whether she will wear Phoebe Philo to the Academy Awards. The label has not indicated a red carpet strategy, showcasing Philo’s unconventional approach to luxury branding.

Phoebe Philo’s Designs

Phoebe Philo’s designs, such as the Drive bag in a new color and the XL Cabas in canvas, continue to showcase her unique aesthetic and influence in the fashion industry.

Photo Gallery:

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