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Exploring the Depths of Disordered Eating with Emmeline Clein’s Dead Weight

In Emmeline Clein’s Dead Weight, a Compassionate Dive Into Disordered Eating

In Emmeline Clein’s Dead Weight, a Compassionate Dive Into Disordered Eating


In a 2016 article for LitHub, writer JoAnna Novak highlighted the lack of literary and academic exploration of eating disorders. Emmeline Clein’s new essay collection, Dead Weight: Essays on Hunger and Harm, delves into the complexities of disordered eating, weaving together personal narratives and societal reflections on the issue.

Interview Highlights

Book Inspiration

Emmeline Clein shares that her personal struggles with an eating disorder fueled her desire to create a comprehensive narrative that challenges societal norms and the treatment industry’s approach to such illnesses.

Emotional Preparation

Clein discusses the importance of breaking the culture of silence surrounding disordered eating to promote healing and accountability. By sharing diverse stories, she aims to dismantle harmful stereotypes and offer a more inclusive perspective on these issues.

Literary Exploration

The author reflects on the need for a broader representation of eating disorders in literature and art. She draws inspiration from works like Appetites by Caroline Knapp and Heroines by Kate Zambreno to craft a narrative that challenges traditional memoir formats.

Cultural Critique

Clein aims to situate disordered eating within a larger sociopolitical and historical context, echoing the calls for systemic change in healthcare and societal beauty standards made by other authors like Sabrina Strings and Tressie McMillan Cottom.


Dead Weight: Essays on Hunger and Harm offers a poignant exploration of disordered eating, encouraging readers to rethink prevailing narratives and engage in more open conversations about these complex issues.

Source: Vogue

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