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Exploring the Masterful Works of Spanish Painter Isabel Quintanilla in Madrid

The Moving Work of Spanish Painter Isabel Quintanilla Gets a Spotlight in Madrid

The Moving Work of Spanish Painter Isabel Quintanilla Gets a Spotlight in Madrid

Isabel Quintanilla (1938-2017), a prominent figure in the Madrid realist art scene, is currently being celebrated at the Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza with a monographic exhibition titled “The Intimate Realism of Isabel Quintanilla.” This exhibition, open from February 27 to June 2, showcases the artist’s profound connection to everyday objects and domestic scenes.

Exploring Quintanilla’s Artistic Journey

  1. Quintanilla’s focus on intimate and domestic subjects set her apart from her peers who favored epic landscapes.

  2. Her realistic portrayals of humble objects like Duralex glasses and personal spaces reflect her emotional connection to the everyday.

  3. The exhibition features 90 works from her career, including pieces never before seen in Spain.

Uncovering Quintanilla’s Legacy

Despite being part of the Madrid realists, Quintanilla and other female artists of her generation faced inequalities in recognition and opportunity. The exhibition sheds light on the companionship and support shared among female artists like Esperanza Parada, María Moreno, and Amalia Avia.

The Rise of Under-Researched Female Artists

Quintanilla’s retrospective marks a shift in the art world towards recognizing and honoring deserving but often overlooked female artists. This signals a positive change in major Spanish art centers towards achieving gender equality in the art world.


Isabel Quintanilla’s work continues to resonate with audiences for its emotional depth and intimate portrayal of everyday life. The exhibition at Museo Nacional Thyssen-Bornemisza is a testament to her enduring legacy and the growing recognition of female artists in the art world.

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