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Exploring the Revolutionary Fusion of Galliano and Margiela: A Closer Look at the Iconic Couture Sho

Galliano Embraces the Body at His Seminal Margiela Couture Show

Galliano Embraces the Body at His Seminal Margiela Couture Show

An Insight into John Galliano’s Revolutionary Couture Collection

There is an anecdote early on in Gods and Kings, veteran fashion journalist Dana Thomas’s rigorous dual biography of John Galliano and Lee Alexander McQueen, that makes me laugh. Thomas interviews a fashion writer, Lisa Young, who recalls sitting next to a young Galliano at a London dinner in the eighties. The designer was hailed as brilliant straight out of Central St. Martins, but his first collections had issues with fit. So, “we got to talking about tits, as you do,” says Young.

A Moment of Cultural Domination

Galliano’s Maison Margiela Artisanal show presented a groundbreaking couture collection that celebrated the female body in all its glory. The show featured exaggerated proportions, intricate corsetry, and a diverse cast of models, including non-straight size individuals, showcasing sumptuous flesh for sumptuous clothes.

Innovative Techniques and Inspirations

  1. John Galliano introduced several new techniques to construct the jaw-dropping clothes in this collection.

  2. The inspiration behind the collection ranged from Brassaï’s photography to post-revolution French subculture references.

Diversity in Casting

Unlike traditional fashion shows, Galliano’s use of non-straight size models as assets rather than tokens was a refreshing change. These models were integral to portraying the mood and vision of the collection, aligning with historical references and enhancing the drama of the garments.

Artistic Representation of Bodies

Galliano’s approach to using a diverse range of body types for artistic purposes signifies a shift away from tokenism and towards a more intelligent understanding of clothes. The models showcased the clothes in a unique way, emphasizing the artistry behind the designs.

A New Direction for Galliano

With this collection, Galliano showcases a new way of working that focuses on embracing all kinds of bodies in a casual, unrestrained, and artful manner. The show has been a work of genius that has injected new life into the fashion industry.

“The female body is like any other body,” Alexander McQueen once said. “It has lumps and bumps and you make the most of it.” Galliano’s latest collection truly embodies this sentiment, celebrating the beauty and diversity of the human form.Listen to Vogue editors delve deeper into the show on this episode of The Run-Through here.

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