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Former Flame’s Fabulous Find: Megan Fox’s Reaction to Viral Love Is Blind Comparison

Megan Fox’s Ex-Husband Weighs in on Love Is Blind Comparison

Megan Fox’s Ex-Husband Weighs in on Love Is Blind Comparison



Love Is Blind season 6 has been stirring up quite the conversation, especially when contestant Chelsea Blackwell compared herself to Megan Fox. Let’s dive into what Megan Fox’s ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, had to say about the comparison.

Brian Austin Green’s Perspective

Brian Austin Green, who was married to Megan Fox from 2010 to 2022, recently shared his thoughts on Chelsea Blackwell’s comparison to his ex-wife on Love Is Blind.

Green’s Response

Green acknowledged that people often make comparisons based on physical appearance and shared his belief that Chelsea should be cut some slack for her comments. He also mentioned that Megan Fox is a unique beauty and that the comparison could be challenging for anyone.

Chelsea’s Apology

Despite Chelsea apologizing to Megan Fox for the comparison, Green expressed that she shouldn’t have had to do so and that his ex-wife would likely be flattered by the comparison.


While the comparison between Chelsea Blackwell and Megan Fox has sparked controversy, it seems Brian Austin Green believes that it’s time to move on from the discourse. Only time will tell if Megan Fox herself will weigh in on the matter.

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Don’t forget Love is Blind Jimmy otherwise you would of picked Jessica not Megan Fox lookalike Chelsea 🤣#LoveIsBlindS6 #LoveIsBlind — Mr B (@mrbhalili) February 16, 2024

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