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French Chic Meets NYC Cool: Inside Gaëlle Drevet’s Fashion Empire at The Frankie Shop

9-5: How The Frankie Shop Founder Gaëlle Drevet Blends Effortless French Style With New York Cool

9-5: How The Frankie Shop Founder Gaëlle Drevet Blends Effortless French Style With New York Cool

In the 10 years since The Frankie Shop opened its doors on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, spotting its streamlined silhouettes and distinctly oversized-yet-structured styles has become a common occurrence while strolling around the city’s buzziest neighborhoods. Let’s delve into the world of The Frankie Shop and its founder, Gaëlle Drevet.

Gaëlle Drevet: The Woman Behind The Frankie Shop

Gaëlle Drevet, a Paris-native and former journalist, brought her love for fashion and a vision of empowering women through clothing to life with The Frankie Shop. Let’s explore her journey from Paris to New York and how she revolutionized workwear for the modern woman.

The Birth of The Frankie Shop

  1. Drevet’s quest to create a brand that resonated with women in the workforce

  2. The unique blend of ’90s clean-cut minimalism and ’80s boldness in The Frankie Shop’s designs

  3. Expansion from a boutique in Manhattan to stores in New York and Paris

Style Tips from The Frankie Shop

1. Try a Bermuda Suit

Opt for a Bermuda suit as an alternative to traditional pantsuits. Pair with tall boots for a chic look that’s both practical and stylish.

2. Analyze Proportions

Experiment with proportions by mixing fitted and slouchy pieces. Pay attention to the shoes you pair with your outfit to maintain the right balance.

3. Add a Touch of Color with Burgundy

Embrace the elegance of burgundy and experiment with the balance between structured and flowy pieces for a sophisticated look.

4. Splurge on Your Shoes

Invest in quality footwear to elevate your outfits. Choose statement shoes like knee-high boots to make a lasting impression.

5. Keep it Understated with White

Create a chic and versatile look with a white suit. Play with textures and pair with the right accessories to dress it up or down effortlessly.

6. Reinvent Classics

Elevate your daily attire with a power suit featuring strong shoulders and unique fabrics. Modernize classic pieces for a fresh and sophisticated ensemble.

7. Go Big with Browns

Experiment with the trendy color of chocolate brown and explore unconventional color combinations like black and chocolate for a stylish twist.

With Gaëlle Drevet’s visionary approach to fashion and The Frankie Shop’s distinctive designs, blending effortless French style with New York cool has never been easier. Embrace the brand’s philosophy of dressing on your own terms and redefine your 9-5 wardrobe with a touch of nonchalance and sophistication.

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