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From the Stage to the Seats: Tiler Peck Takes on a New Role in the Audience

Tiler Peck Won’t Be Dancing in Her New Ballet—She’ll Be in the Audience

Tiler Peck Won’t Be Dancing in Her New Ballet—She’ll Be in the Audience


Tiler Peck, the principal dancer at the New York City Ballet, is gearing up for her choreographic debut with her forthcoming ballet, Concerto for Two Pianos. In a recent interview with Vogue, Peck shares her journey and inspiration behind this new work.

Choreographic Debut

Peck, who has been dancing with the City Ballet for almost two decades, has been honing her choreographic skills independently for years. Her passion for classical ballet shines through as she prepares to present a piece that stays true to the art form’s roots.

Inspiration and Music

  1. Peck’s inspiration for her new ballet stemmed from classical ballet icons like Balanchine and Robbins.

  2. She discovered Francis Poulenc’s “Concerto for Two Pianos and Orchestra” and was captivated by its varied movements and musicality.

Costume Design

Collaborating with designer Zac Posen, Peck aimed to keep the focus on the dance rather than the costumes. Posen’s elegant leotards in deep red and cornflower blue with chiffon skirts add a dreamlike quality to the performance.

Rehearsal and Creative Process

Peck’s creative process revolves around the music, carefully crafting movements that complement the score. She handpicked a talented cast to bring her vision to life, showcasing their individual strengths throughout the piece.

Audience Interaction

Peck’s humility and dedication to her craft are evident as she invites patrons to witness a glimpse of the rehearsal without revealing the full ballet. Her deep respect for the art form and desire to share it authentically highlight her commitment to the performance.


Tiler Peck’s transition from principal dancer to choreographer is a testament to her artistry and dedication to classical ballet. As she prepares to debut Concerto for Two Pianos, audiences can expect a mesmerizing blend of music, movement, and storytelling woven together by Peck’s creative vision.

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