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From Y2K to the Grammys: Ice Spice Rocks Iconic Brand at 2024 Awards Show

Ice Spice Wore an Iconic Y2K Brand to the 2024 Grammys

Ice Spice Wore an Iconic Y2K Brand to the 2024 Grammys

The Y2K Fashion Resurgence

Ever since Ice Spice burst onto the music scene, the Bronx-born rapper has consistently nailed Y2K style, both on stage and on red carpets. For the Grammys 2024, she did not disappoint, channeling the naughties in a spectacular way.

Baby Phat: A Y2K Icon

If you were around during Baby Phat’s heyday, you’ll recall that it was the brand of the naughties. A hip-hop sensation, it was beloved by stars such as Missy Elliott, Lil’ Kim, and Jennifer Lopez, and at one point, was a worldwide empire valued at over $1 billion.

The Perfect Collaboration

Designer Kimora Lee Simmons, after reviving the label last year, felt that Ice Spice was the ideal star to infuse the brand with a fresh, current red carpet moment. The duo collaborated on a special Grammys design that consisted of a fur-trimmed denim jacket and sweeping skirt with a train. A big, gold cat-logo belt and a cross pendant necklace finished off the look.

A Fashion Match Made in Heaven

Simmons expressed her joy in working with Ice Spice for the Grammys, stating, “As a brand with a legacy deeply embedded in the music industry, we took joy in dressing Ice Spice, who’s had an outstanding year in music. Baby Phat’s legacy of shaping style in the hip-hop community continues, seamlessly merging the past and present.”

The Future of Y2K Fashion

Take this stylish moment as a sign that Y2K fashion will be trending for the foreseeable future. The resurrection of iconic brands and styles from the early 2000s is a clear indication of the cyclical nature of fashion trends.

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