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Game Day Glam: Olivia Culpo’s Super Bowl Prep

How Olivia Culpo Is Getting Ready for the Super Bowl

How Olivia Culpo Is Getting Ready for the Super Bowl



If it’s possible, there’s more attention on the 2024 Super Bowl than ever. Olivia Culpo, engaged to Christian McCaffrey of the San Francisco 49ers, is prepping for this moment all season. While her fiancé hits the field against the Kansas City Chiefs, all eyes will be on the model and influencer as well.

Game-Day Beauty Routine

Olivia Culpo shares her game-day beauty routine where she gathers with friends for breakfast before the game. They share clothes, do face masks, and help each other decide on outfits. Culpo often opts for a natural look with fun accessories for most games.

Staying Prepared at the Stadium

For a long day at the stadium, Culpo ensures she has touch-up items like gloss, an external charger, and lip liner in her stadium-security-allowed bag. Despite this, she usually gets so engrossed in the game that she forgets to use them.

Super Bowl Outfit

Olivia Culpo is still deciding on her Super Bowl outfit and seeks help from her TikTok followers for ideas. The process of choosing the perfect outfit for the big game is ongoing.

Reflection on the Season

Olivia and Christian feel that this season has been particularly special. Watching Christian play and pursue his passion has been a rewarding experience for both of them. They are grateful for his health and happiness throughout the season.

Game-Day Traditions

Olivia and her mother-in-law enjoy postgame traditions that include putting on pajamas, ordering food, doing face masks or Bioré Pore Strips, and watching a scary movie or docuseries together. These moments bring them closer and create cherished memories.

Final Thoughts

Olivia Culpo and Christian’s family are fortunate to have a suite to watch the big game together. Despite conflicting reports, they are looking forward to enjoying the Super Bowl in each other’s company.

Stay tuned for more updates on Olivia Culpo’s Super Bowl preparations!

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