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Game, Set, Love: Zendaya’s Tennis Moves and Romantic Grooves in Her Latest Film

Zendaya Plays Tennis—And Love Games—In Her New Movie

Zendaya Plays Tennis—And Love Games—In Her New Movie

Challengers: A Sneak Peek

Zendaya takes on a new role as a tennis star caught in a love triangle spanning decades in the upcoming movie Challengers. Directed by Luca Guadagnino, known for Call Me By Your Name, this film promises romance, intrigue, and of course, Zendaya shining at the center of the action.

Meet the Cast

  1. Zendaya as Tashi: A player-turned-coach

  2. Mike Faist as Art: Zendaya’s husband and a tennis player

  3. Josh O’Connor as Patrick: Tashi’s old boyfriend and teenage best friend

Plot Summary

Challengers follows Tashi, who must navigate a complex love triangle involving her husband Art and her old flame Patrick. As Art faces a losing streak and enters a low-league tournament, tensions rise, and the past comes back to haunt them in unexpected ways.

Trailers and Release Date

Check out the thrilling trailers for Challengers, set to iconic songs from the 2010s. The film was initially set for release in September 2023 but has been delayed to April 2024 due to industry strikes. For now, get your tennis movie fix with other classics like Wimbledon and The Battle of the Sexes.

Stay tuned for updates on this upcoming cinematic gem!

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