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Game, Set, Match: Coco Gauff’s Top 5 Career Moments (So Far)

5 Standout Moments From Coco Gauff’s Career (So Far)

5 Standout Moments From Coco Gauff’s Career (So Far)


Becoming a national champion at 10 years and three months old

In 2014, Gauff won the USTA Clay Court National 12-and-under title at the age of 10 years and three months, becoming the youngest champion in the tournament’s history.

Beating Venus Williams at Wimbledon in 2019

During her very first Grand Slam singles match at Wimbledon in 2019, Gauff faced off against Venus Williams and emerged victorious. Gauff showed immense talent and sportsmanship, thanking Williams for her inspiration after the match.

2022 French Open Final vs. Iga Swiatek

Despite coming in second to Iga Swiatek in the women’s singles final at the 2022 French Open, Gauff displayed incredible determination and skill. She proved herself as a formidable opponent and earned respect for her performance.

Winning the 2023 US Open

In 2023, Gauff made history by winning the U.S. Open women’s title, solidifying her status as a rising star in the tennis world. Her positive mindset and self-belief were key factors in her success, inspiring many fans.

Standing up for herself against an umpire in Dubai in 2024

During the 2024 Dubai Tennis Championships, Gauff fearlessly confronted a chair umpire who made a controversial call. Her courage and assertiveness in defending herself showcased her strong character and determination on and off the court.

Coco Gauff’s journey in tennis has been filled with remarkable achievements and inspiring moments. As she continues to make waves in the sport, her talent, resilience, and sportsmanship serve as a beacon of hope for aspiring athletes worldwide.

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