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Get Moving with Priyanka Chopra: Rocking a Tiny Two-Piece Workout Set!

Priyanka Chopra Said Let’s Get Physical, Physical, in a Tiny Two-Piece Workout Set

Priyanka Chopra Said Let’s Get Physical, Physical, in a Tiny Two-Piece Workout Set

Sometimes we all need that little extra push to get ourselves back to the gym. And that includes Priyanka Chopra, who is “finally” getting back to work, according to her recent IG post.

Priyanka’s Instagram Post

On her February 28 Instagram Stories, Chopra posted a bathroom-mirror selfie. The mom of one wears a Joah Brown two-piece workout set of slate gray bra top and biker shorts, is makeup-free, and has her hair in a messy ponytail, so she could have taken the pic either just before or just after a workout. Over the pic, Chopra wrote, “It’s giving.. finally going back to work energy,” with a tongue-out emoji.

Priyanka’s Work Update

Or perhaps when Chopra says “back to work,” she isn’t referring to the gym at all. Maybe she literally means work as in job. On February 24, Deadline reported that Priyanka Chopra would be joining other big names like Dev Patel and Mindy Kaling as executive producer of the Oscar-nominated documentary film To Kill a Tiger. The movie is set to launch globally on Netflix in the near future.

On Instagram, Chopra said of the upcoming doc, “When I first watched this film in 2022, I was immediately captivated by its poignant narrative, depicting a father’s valiant struggle within the judicial system to secure justice for his daughter.” She continued, “This hard hitting piece of art also really hits home on so many levels, but personally, I was born in the state of Jharkhand (where the survivor and her father are from), and as the daughter of a father that was my forever champion…I was moved to pieces.”

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