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Get Ready to Boogie with Spring’s Hottest Hair Trend: Disco Curls Take the Spotlight!

Disco Curls Are Spring’s Biggest Hair Trend—Literally

Disco Curls Are Spring’s Biggest Hair Trend—Literally


Spring’s Hottest Hair Trend

Emily Ratajkowski recently rocked larger-than-life disco curls at Paris Fashion Week, setting the stage for the trend to dominate spring and summer hair styles. This bold and voluminous look has gained popularity among celebrities like Kiernan Shipka, Blake Lively, and Keke Palmer, ushering in a new era of statement hairstyles.

The Rise of Disco Curls

Disco curls represent a departure from sleek and subtle trends, embracing a more over-the-top and expressive aesthetic. With influencers and beauty tutorials on social media inspiring experimentation and creativity, people are increasingly open to incorporating texture and volume into their hair routines.

Styling Tips for Disco Curls

  1. Start with volumizing shampoo and conditioner to create a solid foundation.

  2. Apply heat protectant before using heat styling tools.

  3. Use a diffuser or blow-dry technique to enhance natural texture and volume.

  4. Curl hair tightly with a small-barreled iron, allowing strands to cool before styling.

  5. Brush out curls for a softer look and finish with texturizing spray for added volume.

Key Products for Disco Curls

  1. Fable & Mane Moisturizing Volume Spray: Enhances volume for fine and thinning hair.

  2. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Dryspun Volume Texture Spray: Adds texture and lift to hair.

  3. Trademark Beauty Babe Waves Easy Blo: A blow-dryer brush for creating voluminous styles.

  4. The Beachwaver Co. S.75 Dual Voltage Rotating Curling Iron: Ideal for tight, springy curls.

  5. Color Wow Style on Steroids Texture+Finishing Spray: Provides a matte finish for a natural look.

  6. Tangle Teezer The Ultimate Styler Brush: Perfect for brushing out curls.

Get Your Disco On!

Whether you’re hitting the dance floor or looking to make a statement, disco curls are the perfect way to elevate your style this season. Embrace the bold and voluminous trend inspired by Emily Ratajkowski and bring some extra flair to your hair game!

Written by Danielle Sinay, associate beauty editor

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