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Glamour in Mexico: Florence and Zendaya’s Stunning Red Carpet Looks

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Florence And Zendaya Have Never Looked Better Than On This One Night In Mexico


Last night, Zendaya and Florence Pugh attended the Mexico premiere of Dune: Part Two in coordinating looks that showcased a certain eccentric spirit. Their outfits were a highlight of the duo’s promotional tourdrobe, each uniquely crafted by talented designers.

Zendaya’s Look

Zendaya stunned in a custom two-piece ensemble inspired by a Bottega Veneta fall 2023 dress. The scaled-leather bodice and extended skirt created a striking silhouette, showcasing her fashion-forward style.

Designer Collaboration

The outfit was crafted by Matthieu Blazy’s atelier in Milan, offering a unique and otherworldly aesthetic that perfectly suited Zendaya’s image as styled by Law Roach.

Florence Pugh’s Look

Florence Pugh opted for a bodycon dress ruched to resemble preternatural vertebrae, designed by Michael Stewart of Standing Ground. The dress exuded a menacing sensuality, a perfect fit for Pugh’s punkish glamour.

Emerging Designer Label

Standing Ground, an emergent London label and Fashion East alumnus, is fast becoming a red carpet favorite, as seen in Pugh’s choice for the event.


The duo’s coordinated yet distinct looks at the Mexico premiere of Dune: Part Two showcased their individual styles and the artistry of talented designers. This fashion moment will surely be remembered as a highlight of their promotional tour.

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