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Groovy Gal: Dakota Johnson Brings ’70s Vibes to Marvel Press

Dakota Johnson Gives Marvel Press a ’70s Flair

Dakota Johnson Gives Marvel Press a ’70s Flair

Dakota Johnson’s Style Statement

Thus far, Dakota Johnson has been making waves with her unique fashion choices during the Madame Web press tour. Despite the promotional marathon, she has stayed true to her low-maintenance yet funky personal style.

Today’s Outfit

Styled by Kate Young, Dakota Johnson was spotted leaving her New York City hotel for The TODAY Show segment in a striking ensemble. She opted for a tomato red set from Carolina Herrera’s pre-fall 2024 collection, consisting of a short-sleeved knit turtleneck paired with flowing, wide-legged pleated pants.

  1. She embraced a ’70s vibe with wooden platform sandals.

  2. To combat the cold, she layered up with a stylish chocolatey leather coat.

  3. Her accessory game was on point with oversized sunglasses and a mustard colored Sardine bag.

Upcoming Looks

With the film premiere just a week away, fans are eagerly anticipating more of Dakota Johnson’s fashion choices. Her retro-inspired outfits have been a hit, and it will be exciting to see what she has in store next.

Final Thoughts

Dakota Johnson’s fashion sense has been a topic of conversation, and she continues to impress with her bold and chic ensembles. Stay tuned for more style updates from this trendsetter!

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