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Hailey Bieber’s Stunning Rhode Blush Tease Has Us All in a Frenzy

Hailey Bieber Teases New Rhode Blush

Hailey Bieber Just Teased a New Rhode Blush and We’re Freaking Out


Hailey Bieber, the epitome of glowing skin and rosy cheeks, has sent the beauty world into a frenzy with a tantalizing sneak peek of a new blush product from her brand, Rhode.

The Teaser

On March 5, Hailey took to Instagram to share a glimpse of the upcoming blush. In a series of beach photos, she can be seen in a red bikini, donning a straw hat, and in one image, delicately applying a peachy pink blush stick to her cheeks.

Fan Reactions

Eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot the new product and flooded her comments with excitement and curiosity. Speculations arose about the shade names and the formulation of the blush, with many eagerly awaiting more details.

Hailey’s Confirmation

Addressing the buzz, Hailey shared on her Instagram Stories that the blush is indeed a Rhode product, expressing her own excitement for the upcoming launch. She playfully mentioned that the product was still in its tester packaging, keeping the mystery alive.

Previous Makeup Venture

This isn’t Hailey’s first foray into makeup. Last September, she introduced Rhode’s Peptide Lip Tint, a pigmented rendition of her popular Peptide Lip Treatment. Packed with shea butter and peptides, the Lip Tint offered a sheer yet buildable formula in various shades.

Speculations and Anticipation

With the mention of a “juicy glow on the go” and the pink ribbon emoji hinting at a possible shade name, fans are left to wonder about the skincare-infused formula and the launch date. Could the blush be a hybrid product with nourishing ingredients like hyaluronic acid and marula oil, akin to Hailey’s previous lip tint?


While details about the new Rhode blush remain under wraps, the beauty community is abuzz with anticipation, envisioning the radiant glow that Hailey’s signature blush will bring. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting beauty release!

A version of this story was originally published in a beauty magazine.

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